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Incubator Booth

Elevate your conference experience by booking our Incubator Podcast recording booth, tailor-made for engaging interviews with speakers and attendees. Amplify your event's impact as these captivating conversations are broadcasted on our podcast, streamed live on YouTube, and shared across social media platforms. This innovative opportunity allows your conference to extend its message and visibility, reaching a global audience like never before.


From Podcast to Podium

Dr. Benjamin Courchia and Dr. Daphna Yasova Barbeau are now available for speaking engagements. Their foundational work with the Incubator Podcast and its many initiatives positions them as thought leaders in the realms of innovation and medical education.

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International Reach

With a rich history of addressing audiences both nationally and internationally, they have delved into a plethora of topics that resonate with clinicians and trainees. To book the incubator hosts for your event, and benefit from their insights and expertise, please reach out to us.

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