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🧐 What is NICUdiet?

NICUdiet is a mobile application that aims to be a simple but thorough tool to calculate nutritional intake of newborns.

👶 Who is this app for?

This app was created for anyone caring for critically ill neonates. For many providers in the NICU, a full time dietician/nutritionist is not always available. Considering how busy a NICU can get, it is very often difficult to take the time to calculate thoroughly the nutrition profile of the neonates we care for. How much protein is this baby receiving? How much zinc is this child getting from formula? How much iron should I supplement this patient if they are already on a formula containing iron? How much sodium is a baby receiving? are all questions that pop-up on rounds but that take a tremendous amount of time to answer. The NICUdiet app is here to help you with all these issues.

⚙️ How does it work?

The app is simply designed. Users can enter the desired data accross three screens: Parenteral nutrition, enteral feeds, and supplements. Once these parameters are entered, the output screen will provide a detailed summary of dietary intake for the infant. The output table provides a thorough list of values including total fluid volume, calories, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D and more. This data is provided for each type of nutrition, ie for TPN, enteral and supplements. It is also summarized in the last column.


📱Available platforms

The NICUdiet App is available for download on both iOS and Android

🍼 Adding formulas and fortifiers

If a formula or fortifier that you are using is not available on the app, do not despair. You can email us at and submit a new formula or fortifier. We ask that you kindly submit the following information: name, kcal/oz, protein content g/dL, fat content g/dL, carbohydrate content g/dL, calcium mg/dL, phosphorous mg/dL, sodium mg/dL, potassium mg/dL, chloride mg/dL, zinc in mg/dL, iron mg/dL, vitamin A IU/dL and vitamin D IU/dL.

🙋‍♀️ Issues or other questions

Our team is available for support and can be reached via email by clicking here.

🏷 Price

The app retails on the iOS app store and Android play store for $12.99 USD.

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