#125 - 📑 Journal Club 48

#125 - 📑 Journal Club 48


Hello Friends 👋

For those of you attending PAS, we hope you are enjoying your time there. Please make sure to find us to grab some incubator swag. This week's episode of Journal Club reviews a few major articles published in NEJM and which deal with cerebral oximetry and the use of maternal RSV immunization to prevent neonatal RSV. Fascinating work all around. We also have the pleasure of discussing the long term effects of neonatal platelet transfusions for our monthly segment with EBNEO for their article of the month commentary.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Happy Sunday!

This week we had the pleasure of having Dr. Martha Sola Visner, Dr. Patricia Davenport, and Dr. Cassidy Delaney, who reviewed with us the long-term outcomes from the PlaNet2 trial. They discussed their nice commentary published for EBNEO in ACTA PEDIATRICA:

Two-year outcomes following a randomised platelet transfusion trial in preterm infants - PubMed
EBNEO COMMENTARY: Platelet transfusions in neonates and brain development: the new frontier - Evidence-Based Neonatology
Platelet transfusions in neonates and brain development: the new frontier EBNEO Commentary on platelet transfusions, treatment thresholds, and neurodevelopment outcomes. What did you expect, and what was reported?

Access the articles discussed on this week's episode below:

Cerebral Oximetry Monitoring in Extremely Preterm Infants - PubMed
In extremely preterm infants, treatment guided by cerebral oximetry monitoring for the first 72 hours after birth was not associated with a lower incidence of death or severe brain injury at 36 weeks’ postmenstrual age than usual care. (Funded by the Elsass Foundation and others; SafeBoosC-III Clini…
Impact of work schedules of senior resident physicians on patient and resident physician safety: nationwide, prospective cohort study
Objective To determine whether long weekly work hours and shifts of extended duration (≥24 hours) are associated with adverse patient and physician safety outcomes in more senior resident physicians (postgraduate year 2 and above; PGY2+). Design Nationwide, prospective cohort study. Setting United…
Bivalent Prefusion F Vaccine in Pregnancy to Prevent RSV Illness in Infants - PubMed
RSVpreF vaccine administered during pregnancy was effective against medically attended severe RSV-associated lower respiratory tract illness in infants, and no safety concerns were identified. (Funded by Pfizer; MATISSE ClinicalTrials.gov number, NCT04424316.).
Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Very Preterm Children: Mortality and Neurodevelopment at Age 5 - PubMed
Rates of neurodevelopmental disabilities at age 5 did not differ between children without IVH and those with low-grade IVH. For high-grade IVH, mortality rate was high, mostly because of withholding and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment, and we found a strong association with overall neurodeve…
Interventions to Reduce Severe Brain Injury Risk in Preterm Neonates
This systematic review and meta-analysis examines the role of perinatal interventions in the development of severe intraventricular hemorrhage and cystic periventricular leukomalacia in neonates born before 37 weeks’ gestation.

You can access Ben's notes here 👇: