#114 - Dr. Shetal Shah MD

#114 - Dr. Shetal Shah MD

The Incubator Podcast

Advocating for neonates and children in the NICU

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This week we have the pleasure of hosting on the show Dr. Shetal Shah, or NICUBatman, as you may know him on social media. Dr. Shah is the first of a series of guests we are having on the podcast to discuss the subject of advocacy in the NICU. We hope you enjoy this episode. Happy Sunday!

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Bio: Dr. Shetal Shah is a practicing neonatologist and researcher, and a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Neonatology at New York Medical College, the academic affiliate of Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, a member of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth). His research focuses on understanding the role of the neonatal intensive care unit in providing public health measures, particularly vaccinations to parents of admitted infants. He also aims to conduct research, which through sustained advocacy, can be translated to policy.
Dr. Shah’s work on providing parents influenza and Tdap immunization in the neonatal intensive care unit has resulted in two New York State public health laws. He was the principal advocate for the 2009 Neonatal Influenza Prevention Act and the 2012 Neonatal Pertussis Prevention Act. His work on the cost-effectiveness of donor milk for high risk neonatal infants resulted in co-authorship of a legislative measure mandating New York State Medicaid provide insurance payment for this vital resource. His current work focuses on the safety of administration of live rotavirus vaccine to preterm, NICU-hospitalized infants, bedside adult pneumococcal immunization and point-of-care smoking cessation referral.
From a basic science perspective, Dr. Shah’s current work examines the anti-inflammatory properties of stem cells on lung recovery from pulmonary hemorrhage and hyperoxic injury, focusing on cytokine biology and fibrosis. He is a recipient of many honors, including the American Medical Association’s Leadership Award, the National Physician Advocate Award, the New York State L. Stanley James Award for Perinatal Medicine and the March of Dimes Excellence in Advocacy Award.