#068 - Dr. Alvaro Proaño MD

#068 - Dr. Alvaro Proaño MD


Pediatric resident, rising neonatology fellow and Twitter star...

Hello Friends 👋

Daphna and I are very excited to bring on the podcast this week Dr. Alvaro Proaño. Alvaro recently completed his residency at Tulane University and is a rising fellow at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This episode is an excellent opportunity for our community to hear pediatric residents' challenges during their NICU rotation. Alvaro also spoke to us about his work on Twitter and how trainees and neonatologists can leverage social media for a variety of purposes.


Bio: Alvaro is a pediatric resident at Tulane University and an incoming neonatology fellow at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He is from Lima, Peru where he learned medicine in a resource-limited setting. He created two bots that keep the #neoTwitter community connected and informed. These bots are @neo_papers and @neo_twiter. The former pulls published papers from PubMed and tweets them, and the latter retweets posts related to the #neoTwitter community.