#061 - Tech Tuesday - Preeme + You

#061 - Tech Tuesday - Preeme + You


Hello Friends 👋

We are very excited to present our first episode of TECH TUESDAY, where we introduce you to the latest tech tools available for neonatal providers. We are starting off with the mobile app PREEME+YOU which supports parents in the NICU in a very innovative way. Listen to today's episode where we chat with Dr. Yaya Ren, a medical and cultural anthropologist, founder of the Preemie+You app.

Disclosure: The incubator and CATO Neonatal Innovations Inc. have no conflict of interests to report in relation to our interview with Dr. Yaya Ren and the Preemie+You startup.

You can find out more about Preemie + You at: https://preemeandyou.com

Feel free to contact Dr. Yaya Ren for questions and potential collaboration opportunities at yaya.ren@preemeandyou.com