#126 - 🚀 [Tech Tuesday] - Dr. Anne Hansen MD

#126 - 🚀 [Tech Tuesday] - Dr. Anne Hansen MD


The DreamWarmer

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We have a new episode of Tech Tuesday for you with the amazing Dr. Anne Hansen. Dr. Hansen is the medical director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Boston Children's Hospital and the creator of the DreamWarmer, a non-electric infant warmer that supports kangaroo-mother-care. Information about Dr. Hanser and the device is available below. Enjoy!

Bio: Dr. Anne Hansen received her MD from Harvard Medical School and then went to Boston Children’s Hospital for her pediatric internship and residency. She stayed in Boston for her fellowship in Newborn Medicine at the combined program between Children’s, Beth Israel, and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals. She obtained her M.P.H. with a concentration in Clinical Effectiveness from Harvard School of Public Health. She joined the Harvard Medical School faculty in 1996 and is currently an Associate Professor of Pediatrics.

Dr. Anne Hansen has been the Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital since 2003. She has authored dozens of clinical guidelines, and is a chair or member of multiple unit based and hospital wide committees. She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics. An acclaimed teacher, she is the recipient of the Merton Bernfield mentoring award, the Harvard Medical School Humanism Award, and the Tutor of the Year Award at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hansen has published over 35 peer reviewed articles, 53 chapters and 8 books.

Her more recent work includes the development and testing of the Dream Warmer – a skin temperature heating pad that does not require electricity, is affordable, simple to use, and a safe and effective complement to Kangaroo Mother Care to prevent neonatal hypothermia.

Global Newborn Solutions
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DreamWarmer™ is affordable, reusable, washable and sanitary, and can be used by anyone, anywhere. It is a non-electric infant warmer that supports skin-to-skin (STS), also known as Kangaroo Mother…
Safety and effectiveness of a non-electric infant warmer for hypothermia in Rwanda: A cluster-randomized stepped-wedge trial - PubMed
Introduction of the warmer increased rates of euthermia with no associated safety concerns.
A low cost, re-usable electricity-free infant warmer: evaluation of safety, effectiveness and feasibiliy - PubMed
<span><b>Setting:</b> Rural Rwandan hospitals, where thermoregulation is critical yet a challenge for pre-term, low-birth-weight (LBW) or sick newborns. <b>Objective:</b> To assess the safety, effectiveness, and feasibility of an inexpensive, reusable, non-electric warmer to complement kangaroo moth…