The Neonatal Network (N2)

The Neonatal Network (N2)

What is the neonatal network (n2)?

The neonatal network is an initiative that aims to connect neonatal trainees and young career neonatologists from around the world in order to spark collaboration and communication around clinical research and quality improvement projects.

What are the goals of n2?

  1. Research Collaboration: The Neonatal Network hopes to create a new way for neonatologists and trainees to collaborate on research and quality improvement projects. Our goal is to overcome the common obstacles we all have faced in our pursuit of quality research. Too often, a good idea has to put on the shelf because there are not enough patients to enroll in a reasonable timeframe, no colleague to collaborate with, no logistical and statistical support, etc. The Neonatal Network aims to change that and revolutionize the way we conduct neonatal research and quality initiatives.
  2. Research Support: The Neonatal Network will be offer opportunities to our members to get significant research support. First, our platform will allow you to connect with researchers from around the world who may be interested in collaborating with you on a research project.The Neonatal Network  will award a number of grants to support the research projects of our member. This year (2022) we will have two rounds of awards and each round will have a total of $20,000 in grants distributed. In addition, we will be awarding licenses for statistical software (GraphPad Prism) , article and reference manager (ReadCube) to some of our members to support their research efforts. The Neonatal Network will also provide members with access to a shared REDCAP database in order to effectively collaborate and conduct research with other clinicians around the world.
  3. Engaging with similarly minded individuals: The Rounds provides a platform that is reserved for clinicians and provides a HIPAA compliant manner to interact with other neonatologists. This will allow us to engage in meaningful discussions with our colleague all the while remaining HIPAA compliant. We are hoping we can review cases together as well and ask for expert opinion when needed.
  4. Educational content: The Neonatal Network platform will be a place where we can share educational content, such as articles, study questions and more.

How do you engage/participate?

Joining the neonatal network is simple. Register on The Rounds to get access to the community webpage. Follow the instructions in the video below to register:


The Neonatal Network Grants

We could not be more proud to offer grant support for clinicians wanting to pursue  research/quality improvement projects. During this inaugural first year, we are planning two cohorts of grants. For each cohort we will be awarding a number of grants totalling $20,000. We are hoping to help support your research efforts and eventually improve neonatal outcomes.

How are Neonatal Network Grants awarded?

We are disrupting the research industry in that grants will not be awarded by a committee. Research ideas submitted for grants will be posted on our community page (on The Rounds) and we will let the community decide which ideas merit financial support. We will look at how many people are willing to participate in a given project, and how many upvotes the submitted projects receive. The time has come for the community to decide what should be a research priority.

How do I apply/submit an idea?

You can now submit your research project for a N2 grant here:

Are there any annual dues?

Thanks to the support of our sponsor, members of the Neonatal Network will not have to pay any dues.

Who oversees the neonatal network?

The network is guided by a steering commitee comprised of attending physicians from around the world, trainees and even medical students. Members will be made aware of positions available on the steering committee and will be given the opportunity to apply to these positions.