#108 - Staffing in Neonatology (Women in Neonatology)

#108 - Staffing in Neonatology (Women in Neonatology)

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This week we have the pleasure of hosting three incredible neonatologists who authored an important op-ed published in August of 2022. This article (link below) focused on the current work model in neonatology and the impact it is having on our workforce and, just as importantly, on the future of our field. Daphna and I feel truly honored to host this group of talented physicians to discuss such a crucial topic. We hope you enjoy this episode. Have a good Sunday!

Contact information for our guests this week:

Dr. Christine Bishop MD MA

Dr. Kerri Machut MD

Dr. Milenka Cuevas Guaman MD

The Cruel Paradigm of Working in Neonatology
As neonatologists, we often discuss career plans with pediatric residents considering fellowship. Increasingly, residents share that they enjoy the...

Women in Neonatology (WiN)
The Women In Neonatology (WiN) of the AAP Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (SONPM) was formed to promote the wellness and careers of women in neonatology.

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The Doc Is In | AAP

Workforce Data: https://www.abp.org/content/data-and-workforce

Neonatologists Ever Certified (need to select neonatologists - can also see gender trends): https://www.abp.org/dashboards/pediatric-subspecialists-ever-certified

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