#097 - Dr. Nicholas Embleton MD

#097 - Dr. Nicholas Embleton MD

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This week we have the pleasure of welcoming on the show the amazing Dr. Nicholas Embleton. Practicing in Newcastle in the UK, Dr. Embleton is the co-founder of the Butterfly Project, working with NICU families after the loss of a twin. Nic is a remarkable story teller and his journey is fascinating. We hope you enjoy this episode.

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The Butterfly Project | Co-twin loss; Healthcare education; Neonatal Research

Bio: Professor Nick Embleton is Consultant Neonatal Pediatrician and Professor of Neonatal Medicine, at Newcastle University, in the UK. He graduated with honours in Medicine at Newcastle University (MBBS 1990). His doctoral thesis (MD 2002) was on protein requirements in preterm infants and he continues his academic nutrition interests as a member of ESPGHAN Committee of Nutrition, as well as chairing the UK based multi-disciplinary Neonatal Nutrition Network (N3). Working with colleagues in Newcastle upon Tyne, he helps lead a broad portfolio of translational research. Studies include large scale NIHR collaborative trials as well as mechanistic studies focused on gut function, growth, and nutrition and necrotising enterocolitis. He also coordinates the Newcastle Preterm Birth Growth study tracking the growth, cognitive and metabolic outcomes of children who were born preterm into late adolescence. Current studies include exploring the impact of an exclusive human milk diet in very preterm infants and feeding in late and moderately preterm infants, as well as working with colleagues in Liverpool, Nigeria and Kenya helping to establish a Neonatal Nutrition Network in sub-Saharan Africa. He is clinical lead for quality improvement studies focused on loss of a co-twin, which have created a unique film-based educational resource with parents: the Butterfly project www.neonatalbutterflyproject.org. He works with the European Foundation for Care of the Newborn Infants https://www.efcni.org/ to help disseminate these, and develop other guidelines worldwide.