#105 - 🥳 The end-of-year show

#105 - 🥳 The end-of-year show


Hello Friends 👋

We are wrapping up 2022 with a special end-of-year episode where we review some of the initiatives that we worked on this year. From the nutrition app we released earlier this year (NICUDiet) to the Neonatal Network app we are currently working on. We also checked in with our friend Rick Guidotti about our photography project: The NICU - A Life in Between. Please check out the link below if you want to participate in this groundbreaking project. We are super excited to announce this year's giveaway. We have a fully decked out 12.9'' iPad Pro up for grabs. To enter the contest you have several options, each giving you more or less chances to win! See below. We are so thankful for your continued support and for our guests who came on our show this year. We would like to wish you a happy holiday season and our best wishes for 2023. See you in January!

We are very thankful for our partners at Reckitt Mead Johnson who are sponsoring this year's giveaway.

You can register for the Delphi Neonatal Innovation Conference here 👇

Check out NICUDiet: Apple iOS Store  Google Play Store

Check out The NICU: A Life in Between:

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