#119 - Dr. Amit Agrawal MD & Kim Krueger NNP

#119 - Dr. Amit Agrawal MD & Kim Krueger NNP


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We are excited to bring you a unique interview with Dr. Amit Agrawal and Kim Krueger this week. They are the creators of the innovative VINES program that helps families after their discharge from the NICU. We think that their perspective and approach is both groundbreaking and inspiring. Enjoy!

Amit's bio: Dr. Agrawal is the Regional Medical Director in the Southwest for Envision Physician Services. He is an Arizona native, but trained at UCLA and Johns Hopkins for his Pediatric residency and Neonatology fellowship, respectively. He oversees 12 NICU’s comprising close to 25,000 annual deliveries, and has a team of over 50 providers. His passion lies in education, innovation, and program development. Amit.Agrawal@envisionhealth.com

Kim's Bio: Kim Krueger began her career as a nursing assistant and discovered her passion for neonatology after an encounter with a baby with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She earned her nursing degree at New Mexico State University and worked in a small NICU before moving to Phoenix to work in a larger unit and pursue her NNP degree. Kim held various positions at a Level III Regional Medical Center in Phoenix and worked as a flight nurse for seven years. She obtained her Nurse Practitioner Certificate at Beth El School of Nursing and has since worked for multiple neonatology groups. Currently, she works for Envision as a staff NNP and is a core team member supporting VINES. Kim.Krueger@envisionhealth.com