#111 - Journal Club 43

#111 - Journal Club 43

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We have a great episode of Journal Club for you this week. Daphna and I discussed a variety of interesting topics. We reviewed a paper asking which NICU level is best suited for moderate-late preterm outcomes, Daphna reviewed a series of interesting articles about the development of a risk calculator to predict the risk of CP and another paper looking at sociodemographic characteristics of infants requiring tracheostomy in the NICU. There were more interesting papers, but of note, we took the time to read a very well-written and touching perspective published in The New England Journal of Medicine this week called The Promise. We hope you enjoy this episode. have a good Sunday.

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Please find below the articles reviewed on the podcast this week:

Association Between NICU Type and Care Quality in Preterm Infants
This cohort study uses national data to evaluate the association between neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) type and care quality in moderate and late preterm infants.
Sociodemographic factors associated with tracheostomy and mortality in bronchopulmonary dysplasia - PubMed
Disparities in tracheostomy insertion are not accounted for by differences in socioeconomic status or the presence of additional neonatal morbidities. Post-tracheostomy mortality does not demonstrate the same relationships. Further investigation is needed to explore the source and potential mitigato…
Association of Active Postnatal Care With Infant Survival Among Periviable Infants in the US
This cohort study evaluates the association of active postnatal care with infant survival among periviable infants in the US.
Development of a Bedside Tool to Predict the Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy in Term-Born Neonates
This case-control study evaluates a cerebral palsy prognostic tool that can be applied to all term neonates to identify those at increased risk of developing cerebral palsy.
Effect of washed versus unwashed red blood cells on transfusion-related immune responses in preterm newborns - PubMed
The pro-inflammatory immune response to transfusion in preterm infants can be modified when PRBCs are washed prior to transfusion. Further studies are required to determine whether the use of washed PRBCs for neonatal transfusion translates into reduced morbidity and mortality.
Does donor sex influence the potential for transfusion with washed packed red blood cells to limit transfusion-related immune responses in preterm newborns?
Objective To evaluate the association of donor sex with transfusion-associated recipient immune responses in preterm newborns receiving unwashed and washed blood. Design A cohort study using data collected during the Effect of Washed versus Unwashed Packed Red Blood Cell Transfusion on Immune Respo…
Dilemmas in feeding infants with intestinal failure: a neonatologist’s perspective - Journal of Perinatology
Journal of Perinatology - Dilemmas in feeding infants with intestinal failure: a neonatologist’s perspective
The Promise - PubMed
The Promise