#110 - Dr. Stefan Johansson MD PhD

#110 - Dr. Stefan Johansson MD PhD


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This week we have the pleasure of bringing on the show Dr. Stefan Johansson from Sweden! As the founder of many startups and projects, Setfan speaks to us about how his curiosity drives his entrepeneurial "gene" and shares his advice for neonatologists interested in pursuing projects and ideas outside the clinical realm.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

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Short Bio: Stefan Johansson is a Consultant Neonatologist and Associate Professor at Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital. He holds an academic appointment at the famous Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and has published extensively in the field of neonatology. He is the founder of 99nicu.org and ebneo.org. In recent years he also founded NeoBiomics a startup company dedicated to creating high quality supplements for neonates.

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