#095 - Dr. Nathan Sundgren MD PhD

#095 - Dr. Nathan Sundgren MD PhD

The Incubator Podcast

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This week we have a fun interview with the fantastic Dr. Nathan Sundgren. We covered a lot of interesting topics including the current state and future of neonatal resuscitation and the tools available to educators for teaching strategies that can translate into better outcomes for neonates in the delivery room. We highly recommend you give Nathan a follow on Twitter as he frequently posts excellent articles in the field of neonatal resuscitation. We will link to his content right below.

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short bio: My long-term goal is to improve patient outcomes from neonatal resuscitation by better understanding team composition and use of additional tools that improve adherence to NRP. In 2014, after early successful training in cardiovascular physiology, my professional and personal circumstances led me to redirect my research efforts toward clinical science of delivery room care. I sought additional training in simulation through the Center for Medical Simulation. I took on increased leadership roles in our resuscitation team through our golden hour committee, our in situ simulation program and NRP education at our institution. With these roles came a new appreciation for the need to understand the best practice for communication in the delivery room. I designed and carried out a research survey on communication practices between obstetrics and neonatology that led to successful published quality improvement projects. I have successfully mentored neonatology fellows and residents though research and quality improvement projects all aimed at learning and improving delivery of care at the time around birth of the baby. In all my efforts, teaching is a core goal. I work hard to disseminate the information I am learning and discovering. I disseminate information through didactic lectures and traditional ways, but I also use platforms such as Twitter and YouTube to disseminate information to an wide audience. My intent is for other educators to use my videos to teach the learners that they work with and learners to have easy access to complimentary education to the learning they receive at their institution.

I have many roles at Texas Childrenโ€™s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. I am Associate Professor in Pediatrics, Section of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine; Associate Medical Director of our Pavilion for Women Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Medical Director of Neonatal Resuscitation Education Program; Medical lead of Small Baby Program; Co-lead of in situ Simulation program; and a member of several quality improvement programs at our institution.