#091 - [Tech Tuesday] - MoM Incubators

#091 - [Tech Tuesday] - MoM Incubators

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We have a fresh episode of Tech Tuesday for you all. This week we have the pleasure of having on the show James Roberts from the UK. He is the CEO of a company called mOm, a startup company dedicated to providing global access to high-quality healthcare. James presented to us his most recent project, the Mom Incubator, which is a battery-operated neonatal incubator. We have been able to collaborate with James and mOm in our efforts to help NICUs in Ukraine. Many of mOm's incubators are already helping countless families in war-stricken Ukraine.

You can find out more about James Roberts and the folks at mOm right here:

mOm Incubators
mOm’s mission is to provide global access to high-quality healthcare. The mOm incubator is compact, lightweight, robust and energy efficient infant incubator

Bio: James Roberts is a product designer having obtained a 1st class honours at Loughborough University, UK. In 2014, he was awarded the global Sir James Dyson award for innovation for his project, mOm the inflatable incubator. Since then, he has gone on to be inducted into the Royal Academy of Engineers, named as a MD-DI MedTech rising star as well as one of MITs 35 under 35. To do this, James has built an “a-list team" around him as well as raised more than £5million for mOm. The incubator has now been fully developed, achieved its first clinical use and is now regulated with a CE mark. It is now being deployed throughout the NHS and overseas.