#057 - Dr. Annie Janvier MD

What a neonatologist learned from being a NICU parent
#057 - Dr. Annie Janvier MD

Bio: Dr Annie Janvier is a Professor of pediatrics and clinical ethics at University of Montreal. She is neonatologist and clinical ethicist at the Sainte-Justine University health center. She holds a PhD in Bioethics and co-directs the Masters and PhD programs in clinical ethics at University of Montreal. She works first hand with patients and families confronted with difficult decisions such as end-of-life issues, and decision-making in the face of uncertainty. She is also the parent of three children who had or have healthcare needs, one of which was born at 24 weeks.

Her main research interests in bioethics are decision-making for fragile patients and family integrated care in Pediatrics. She investigates parental perspectives regarding intensive care decisions, death and disability and parent/patient/family important outcomes after an NICU stay.

She has demonstrated many contrasts between provider and parental perspectives and examines how to improve our communication with families. She is author of many narratives, publications and books in clinical ethics and medicine. Patients and parents are collaborators in the majority of her clinical, research and teaching projects.

Professionals – Dr Annie Janvier
Néonatologiste & chercheure et éthicienne clinique
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