#022 - Dr. Minesh Khashu MD

NEC research, Fathers in the NICU and the future of neonatology
#022 - Dr. Minesh Khashu MD

Pr Minesh Khashu is a clinical leader reimagining healthcare with a focus on systemic wide transformation, continuous quality improvement and family centered care. Prof Khashu has held multiple hospital, regional and national leadership roles in neonatal and perinatal care. Professor Minesh Khashu is a neonatologist at University Hospitals Dorset. He is the founder of the special interest group NEC (SIGNEC; signec.org). He also works actively on advocating for fathers' involvement in the NICU, and to that end, collaborated on the development of the neonatal DadPad app.


Check out his NEC paper on the use of bowel US: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32398270/

You can get in touch with Dr. Khashu via:
Twitter - @mkrettiwt
Email - mineshkhashu@gmail.com