#002 - Dr. Rune Toms MD

#002 - Dr. Rune Toms MD


Norwegian neonatologist and cardiologist

his week Ben and Daphna sit down with Norwegian neonatologist and cardiologist, Dr. Rune Toms.
Dr. Toms is the former medical director of the NICU at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and is now working for Envision Physician Services.
At Envision, he is the regional director for neonatology in South Florida, the national director of pediatric cardiology, and the national director of quality and safety.

In this episode Rune Toms discusses his upbringing, his path that led him to become a neonatologist and eventually a cardiologist. He also shares with us his passion for art, mindfulness, and his definition of the Scandinavian approach to neonatology.