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#116-120 - Surfactant

Hello Friends 👋

This week on the show Daphna and I discuss surfactants! We cover its history, its composition, function, and the various methods with which surfactants can be administered. We hope you enjoy this series of episodes and thank you once again for your support.


Disclosure: Daphna and I have both served as consultants for Chiesi and The Incubator Podcast is supported by Chiesi. We do not perceive that our association with Chiesi impacted our presentation of this topic on this week's series of episodes. Thank you.

Link to download the PowerPoint and notes from these episodes 👇

The articles covered on this series of episodes can be found here 👇

Surfactant therapy and nasal continuous positive airway pressure for newborns with respiratory distress syndrome. Danish-Swedish Multicenter Study Group.

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